Finding The Perfect Dress!

22 Jan 2011 by admin, No Comments »

How do you know when it’s the one?

We can always tell when our brides have found ‘the dress’ and can say ‘yes to the dress’ and make that purchase.

Here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

1. You usually don’t want to take the dress off.  You run you hands up and down the sides of the dress and stay in front of the mirror just admiring how it great it looks on you.

2. You will feel special or different in it.

3. It makes you tear up a bit. This doesn’t always have to happen but if it does consider it a definite clue. Hint, if others tear up, that is not a clue because you need to love the dress first and foremost above what others think.

4. Its the first dress you have tried on and you “just know” it’s the dress . You have a good feeling about it.
Believe it or not this happens most of the time. You should go with your gut if it does.

So if you think you have to go to 100 bridal shops to find “the one” don’t waste your time . Trying too many gowns on can dull the clues because too many choices becomes too confusing making it hard to remember what you did like in the beginning.

Keep it simple and look for those clues to help you make your choice and you will be sure to find the perfect dress for you!

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