Mary-Theresa Haxell in her beautiful Debutante Dress!
15 Aug 2013

Mary-Theresa is from Drubin, Australia and we loved working with her and her mom long distance to help them find the perfect debutante dress for her debut!  We had the gorgeous dress made without a train like she requested and love the pictures we just received from her.  So glad we could help her find the perfect dress for a special occasion!  Most of our dresses can be made without a train.Image (12) Image (16)








New Dresses for 2013!!
22 Jan 2013

Check out our website for these new dresses! There are so many to love it’s impossible to pick a favorite!!
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19 Sep 2011

We had a really great time with some wonderful young women who modeled some of our very own new dresses that we helped design along with some others we wanted to feature on our website.  We had a great time and they all looked so beautiful, we had a mini class before on make up and hair tips for a special occasion or dance.  Thanks to the talented Victoria McDaniel and Gary Pfile for taking the time to take these wonderful shots for us of these beautiful young women, we had a great time!!  Let us know what you think of our new dresses!


A Wonderful Wedding!!
19 Sep 2011


My very own daughter’s wedding was recently featured in a Wedding Magazine, they loved all the bright colors of Cherry Red, Bright Blue and Light Blue we used throughout her color scheme and asked us if they could feature it in their magazine.   Her theme was “A Kiss is Still A Kiss” from one of her favorite movies “Casablanca” which we had running throughout the reception.  We found a red damask print that she loved and had a company make us fabric that we used to make table runners and napkins for the all of the table, we also used it to decorate the cake and dessert table, background for the photo station and touches throughout the reception.  My awesome cake lady – Davlyn also added the same pattern to the wedding cake using white chocolate to match the fabric pattern.  We designed her wedding gown and I shopped for all of the fabric etc. and since she was living out of state my sister helped us out by making her one of a kind dress. I also dressed all 21 of the nieces and nephew that we in her wedding party in Cherry Red Dresses and accents of Bright Blue for the girls and the boys looked so sharp in their Black Suits with Cherry Red Vest & Ties to match the girls.  We added paper lanterns in her colors inside over the dessert and drink tables along with more outside hanging in a beautiful Oak Tree that added the color over the dance floor.

Check out The Mormon Bachelor
17 Mar 2011

Here is the link to a new video we did with The Mormon Bachelor, we had a great time and hope you enjoy it!

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride… yet! In preparations for Aubrey’s big day Emily and I had so much fun trying on modest bridesmaid dresses at the home business of Donna Anderson, A Dressy Occasion. She not only had a HUGE selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses, but she also carries modest prom dresses, and the most gorgeous modest wedding gowns. Shopping is one of our favorite things to do but it was even better with Donna there to give her expert recommendations and show us the latest styles. I remember the day when it was impossible to find cute and modest dresses for any formal occasion. Now it is easy – there were so many to choose from and Donna takes care of everything to the dress selection, fitting, alterations and delivery. She works with brides in California and all over the world that need modest dresses without having to sew in sleeves and ruin a style. Check out A Dressy Occasion to see all the newest styles and prepare for your next special occasion:).

Go to to see more

Prom is Here!!
8 Mar 2011

We have some great new dresses this season and in all different prices ranges.  Ballgowns, Fitted dresses with Rushing, Dresses with Pickups, Ones with Sparkle and Beading, Short or Long in great new colors for this year prom season.  We have had a great time searching for the perfect dresses to make your prom the best ever!!  Let all of your friends know about us and make sure to post your picture of you in your dress on our facebook page.  Can’t wait to see you in your perfect prom dress!!

What’s New For 2011
11 Feb 2011

We are excited to let you know about the new bridal styles that are ‘in’ for this year, they are fabulous and we know you will love them!

Get ready for lots of ruffles and layers, they have been introduced by all the designers along with the Queen Anne neckline which has become a  popular choice of neckline with many variations. Flowers everywhere, including one shoulder strap gowns, absolutely elegant and different.
Lots of lace everywhere as well, and rumor has it the royal wedding will be a lace dress so I guess we will have to wait and see.

Another new look is the high waisted ball gown it’s back again in every fabric including organza , taffeta , silk , satin and tulle. Many have beading or crystal waist appliques or a belt look. Very retro but we loved it.

Many dresses have flowers all over the skirt or flower clusters in various places. All white or ivory or two tone colors accent the already gorgeous gowns.

Of course the mermaids and fit in flairs are still very popular still and many had more adornment with beads , rhinestones and/or crystals to give a new exciting look. Ruching is still very popular and figure flattering on any style of gown, it gives everyone a tiny waistline which we all love!

Birdcage veils, flowers and sparkle accessories for the hair have become the popular choice for brides lately.  Color is also ‘ in’ for hair accessories, shoes and embellished belt to add an accent color to any wedding gown.  It is great to have some color that matches your bridal bouquet that ties everything together.  Veil also add a finished look to any dress and can be worn with with hair accessories, flowers etc.

With Valentines Day in just a couple days we are expecting our usually amount of newly engaged brides looking for their perfect wedding gown.  We have a great selection of the new styles in stock so call us for an appointment!

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